Blood Point

Blood Point is a folk horror story set in the Irish countryside. It’s the second novel in my Nightmare Vacations series.

The tale spans 4,000 years from the ancient days of blood and magic, to the British-occupied Ireland of the 19th century and the present day.

Blood Point will be published later this summer. Sign up for my author newsletter to hear further announcements.

Blood Point: what’s the story?

Kinnitty looked like the perfect spot for Josh Cooper, his daughter Holly, her boyfriend and a bunch of old friends to celebrate his 50th birthday and her graduation.

Luxury hotel in an old castle, friendly pubs and lush Irish countryside on the doorstep. Oh, and the mysterious pyramid tomb that no-one talks about.

Everything’s grand until Holly’s tricked into releasing an ancient evil trapped in the pyramid. Now he’s fighting to save her soul from a spirit that’s hungry for blood, vengeance and power.

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The first Nightmare Vacations novel, Blood River, is on sale now.

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