Blood River

Blood River is on sale from Amazon in paperback and DRM-free ebook. It is also available free via Kindle Unlimited.

ebook cover of Blood River, Nightmare Vacations #1

Trapped in the Borneo jungle, British eco-tourist Tara must protect her fellow travellers from a killer possessed by a bloodthirsty animal spirit.

Tara wants to forget her abusive ex.

Wild child Alison yearns for the rainforest to heal her soul.

Student Maya’s thrilled by her first long-haul adventure.

Bad boy Cristian’s chasing his next conquest.

Everyone else wants to see the orangutans. But one volunteer is not what they seem to be.

Their tropical paradise turns to torrid nightmare when they’re stranded by freak weather and targeted by ruthless thugs. Tara must discover hidden strengths to get anyone home alive.

But the greatest dangers lie within: jealousy, vengeance and a primal hatred unleashed by the forest itself.

The journey up Blood River was easy. Coming home is a killer.

If you enjoy Blood River, more Nightmare Vacation stories are waiting to be unleashed (just as soon as I’ve written them).

Please support the Orangutan Foundation

Blood River was inspired by my trip to Borneo as an eco-volunteer for the Orangutan Foundation. Borneo’s rainforests are a wonderfully diverse ecosystem, threatened from the outside by ever-expanding palm oil plantations, and internally by illegal logging and mining, as well as forest fires.

Like my fictional Orangutan Survival Trust, the Orangutan Foundation preserves thousands of acres of tropical rainforest, home to critically endangered orangutans, clouded leopards and many, many other species.

If you enjoy my novel (or even if you don’t), please donate to the Orangutan Foundation or another orangutan conservation charity.

The making of Blood River, from Space Hippy Brain Stew

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