Blood River


The Girl Who Stole The Leopard’s Spots

A dark supernatural survival horror story set in the tropical jungles of Borneo, for fans of Alex Garland’s The Beach, Naomi Alderman’s The Power and Tomb Raider (2013).

Length: 105,000 words

Status: Full MS available for review. Agent & publisher queries welcome.

Tara wants a month far from her obsessive ex. Wild child Alison hopes the rainforest will heal her soul. Everyone wants to see the wild orangutans and save their world.

Now the volunteers who’ve come to Indonesia’s remote rainforest are the ones facing extinction.

Their tropical paradise becomes a torrid nightmare when the camp is cut off by freak weather. But the greatest dangers lie within: jealousy, vengeance and a primal hatred unleashed by the forest itself.

The journey up Blood River was easy. Coming home is a killer.

If you like Blood River, I have more Nightmare Holidays waiting to be unleashed.

Image credit: Alexander Lane, Borneo 2017

In Machina

Epic space opera with big themes and sassy AIs, for readers of Alastair Reynolds, James S A Corey and Ann Leckie.

Length: 120,000 words (predicted)

Status: First draft WIP. Agent & publisher queries welcome.

“Strong, loyal and smart enough to do the jobs you hate.” It’s the promise that’s put artificially intelligent mecs at the heart of human life in the 22nd century.

William 47 is a mec with a problem: he’s asking questions he shouldn’t. Aisha is a human mec-tec who can’t help getting into trouble.

Their paths collide when 47 refuses to devastate a moon full of alien life and Aisha refuses to destroy the rebellious mec.

47 must find out why he’s started thinking for himself, but first they’ll have to escape the self-crowned Queen of Saturn and find friends willing to help something that shouldn’t exist: an independent mec.

In Machina is the first episode of a trilogy that will send 47 and Aisha across strip-mined asteroids and the industrial hives of Earth orbit, to a confrontation deciding the fate of human and mec existence.

Image credit: Judy Schmidt

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