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A Spring retreat

I took an unexpected Spring break from blogging at the beginning of April, heading down to the Cork coast.

There’s no grand reason for this hiatus, just a combination of factors that took me away from the keyboard. The long Easter weekend coincided with a friend’s request for help with urgent deadlines on their own creative project.

When that had passed, I had the opportunity for a last-minute break and took off to the windy coast west of Cork for a few days of family time. We even saw the sun for long enough to enjoy a day on the beach, though our canine pal Layla was the only one brave enough to get her paws wet.

As I’m an often haphazard blogger, my last post of March snowballed into another look at AI and creative writing. This time, it’s a more hands-on look at using Google Gemini to produce the synopsis of a novel. Even that simple task is currently sprawling into something that feels like more than one post.

April’s now returned to Ireland’s native palette of grey and green. To to keep us all going, I’ll leave you with Layla on a sunny beach.

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