Blood River

5 stars for Blood River: a great start with ARC reviews

Blood River has been winning great reviews from advanced readers at ARC review sites BookSirens and NetGalley in its first month. My debut novel is currently riding high at 5 stars on Amazon UK, 4.4 on Amazon USA, and 3.71 on GoodReads. Here are a few of my favourite quotes. “A really interesting supernatural survival […]

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Blood River’s journey from Borneo to the Amazon

It’s five years since Blood River‘s journey began, from a notebook in the Borneo rainforest to Amazon Kindle ebook. It’s a roller-coaster tale of supernatural survival horror, and you can buy it here. I’ve no idea how Blood River will fare with reviewers and readers, but it’s been an experiment from day one. It’s become […]

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Turbocharge your writing inspiration with these character visualisation tools

Blood River has taught me that bringing characters from my imagination to the page isn’t always easy. Writing courses spend a lot of time on character description but very little on character visualisation. Characters develop as their stories and the world they live in emerge through your writing. There comes a time when you need […]